Product fabrication:  adhesive backing

A variety of industrial applications require components with a strong adhesive backing.  As part of our ability to convert virtually any industrial fabric product, Southeastern Felt can apply adhesive coating to its industrial felt line, as well as rubber and foam.  Adhesive coated felts and fabrics have a multitude of uses:  lamp bases, furniture leg anti-scratch discs, heavy machinery pads and weather stripping.  Thinner felts and fabrics are  often used in furniture-making, mirror-backing, and anything that needs a thin anti-scratch covering.  Contact us for information on your specific material and adhesive requirements.

Southeastern Felt also stocks a variety of adhesive-backed products that we make available through our online store at  These products include adhesive-backed felt pads, dots and strips.  Dots are supplied in thicknesses of 1/8" and 1/16" and offered in several diameters and colors.  Adhesive-backed orthopedic pads are available in several sizes and thicknesses.  Felt strips are availble in craft-quality felt (known as felt tape) and the industrial variety, categorized as weatherstripping.  For any products you don't see either here on on our store, contact us for a quote today.