Product fabrication:  die cutting

Almost anytime the requirement is for medium to large quantities
of identi
cal parts, die cutting is the method of choice.   The possibilities for this category are endless through the different processes available in Southeastern's  cutting plant.  The products
we prod
uce on a daily basis range from bearer pads for web offset printing presses to seals for light fixtures and simple OD-ID washers and machine gaskets.

Felt, foam or rubber are the materials of choice for a wide range of "spacing" situations such as seals for bearings, spacers in automotive applications, and any other situation where a cushioning effect is desired between two rigid structures.  Washers and gaskets are also ideal for sealing out dust and and other contaminants while retaining lubricants.  Southeastern Felt produces many different types of gaskets, rings, and washers in different diameters, thicknesses, and densities available for your specific needs.  Typically these are produced through precision die cut processes. We also have neoprene rubber available for similar uses as listed above, and we have had much success in bonding both rubber and felt together to achieve results not possible when the materials are employed separately.

Southeastern maintains and stocks hundreds of customer and
proprietary dies and tools.  This large stock enables to offer
parts often without assessing any kind of set up charge before
beginning production and keeps our lead time to a minimum.

We also use a variety of automated and semi-automated
equipment to produce die cut industrial components and craft pieces.  Contact us for more information regarding your specific requirements.