Custom manufacturing and selected industries served

While Southeastern Felt serves an innumerable number of industries, we've profiled a few to give an idea of the potential range of our products.  If you don't see your industry here, don't hesitate to contact us for more information on your specific requirements.


Due to the need for the properties of shock absorption, heat resistance, wear resistance, and heat preservation, industrial felts and fabrics--wool and polyester--are used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.  These include anti-squeak/anti-rattle applications, padding, sealants, and gaskets.

Flexographic printing

Southeastern fabricates literally hundreds of different types of end seal gaskets for all types of flexographic presses, including:  Carint, Uteco, W & H, Comexi, Schiavi, Beilloni, PCMC, Kidder, Harrison Bruno, and several others.  These parts are precision cut either by water jet or dies, using felt, foam, neoprene.  Southeastern has also pioneered the combination of felts and neoprene for use as print industry parts, giving longer life and greater efficiency to the seals.  We also have design capabilities to match your existing seal type or size, or custom manufacture seals to fit any refits that have been added to your press equipment.

Forest products

Several materials are available for use in the production of forest products--particularly sander platens--including polyurethane foam rolls, pressed wool felts, woven wool felts, as well as technical sheet felts.


Light fixtures and luminaires use felt, polyester, and neoprene gaskets and seals.  Southeastern can offer custom manufactured gaskets with adhesive backing for any number of lighting applications.

Offset printing

Felt parts are an essential element in the production of print/graphic elements in presses and other printing machines. Our printer parts include bearer wiper felts, ink separator felts, and fountain end felts cut to exact specifications.  Ink seperator felts are made from high density grey pressed felt and also fabricated to your press specifications.