Technical/Sheet Felts

Technical felts are produced in high density sheets, and are generally available in densities ranging from 16 pounds to 32 pounds, although higher densities are often available.  Note that felt density is usually determined by weighing a 36" x 36" x 1" sample.  So if a 36" x 36" x 1" felt sheet weighs 20 lbs., it is referred to as "20 lb. felt."  Metric density equivalents for the most common sheet felts are as follows:

16 lb felt = 0.34 grams per cubic cm
20 lb felt = 0.43 grams per cubic cm
26 lb felt = 0.56 grams per cubic cm
32 lb felt = 0.68 grams per cubic cm

Technical felts are also graded according to their wool content; the four grades are: S1 (Extra Fine White Wool); S2 (Fine White Wool); S3 (Coarse White Wool); and S4 (Coarse Gray Wool).  For example, a 26 lb felt produced from S1 grade wool would be referred to as 26S1.  For additional data and specification sheets, don't hesitate contact us.

Uses for these materials include wood sanders and polishing wheels for glass and stone.